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We are a community of Women in Tech who are making a great impact on our community, country and the world.

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About Us

Bringing together women in tech who want to share knowledge and help each other grow in their career and life path.

Griselta Latifi is the pioneer behind the inspiring initiative of celebrating the women in tech.

Having being in the tech industry for 11 years, she lived through many situations, set backs and achievements.

The principle that drivers her every day is "authenticity" and, she preaches that being true to the person you are, being genuinely happy with yourself is a key lesson to sucess in your professional career and, thrive in your life!

After being dedicated to changing lives of hundreds of women, she now brings a platform to reach many more.

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Who are we?

  • We are a community of Women in Tech who are making a great impact on our community, country and the world.

  • We are a Community and Education platform for women in technology for personal and career growth.

  • We are a community of Women made by the Women and for Women, globally.

  • We create a space where tech doesn’t have gender, color, age and neither does it has style. It’s just a place for you to show you to connect and grow by showing up as your authentic self.

What's our mission?

  • Closing the gender gap in the tech industry and normalizing the working enviroments for women in tech.

  • To never let another women feel alone, or lack the feeling of belongingness in their work enviroments.

  • Enabling you to have a community of like minded women who are readily available to support you at each touchpoint of life & career.

  • Inspiring more women in tech, increasing their confidence and help them thrive in their careers.

Why you should become a part of our community?

  • To be supported with your career and life path by like minded women.

  • To significantly improve your social, educational, career and personal growth skills.

  • To finally learn how to become your authentic self and thrive.

  • Lastly, to become a part of a community of women that's passionate, progressive and relatable to YOU!

  • Network with women in technology.

How it works?

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Speaking at our events and masterclass will give your an instant exposure to hundreds of women in tech, who will benefit from your experience, and will get a change to witness to your expertise.

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Are you a company or recruiter?

Our community consists of brilliant and talented women from all walks of life + technology fields. Some are advanced due to years of experience and knowledge, while others are fresh talents looking to pave their career in the world of tech.

If you’re a company, looking for exceptional women in tech, to support your mission, feel free to connect with us!

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Founded by women in tech, we believe that tech doesn't have gender and neither it has style. We believe in a world where woman are thriving in technology and coding on heels!

  • Monthly Events will provide information which will help you grow your professional skills, accelerate personal development and, enhance your course trajectory.

  • Live sessions with different mentors will enable you to get your questions answered, live by experts in their respective fields.

  • Community Support will help you in networking, build genuine industry + personal relationships and, be held accountable.

  • Resources | Materials will help you in networking, build genuine industry + personal relationships and, be held accountable.

  • Recordings of the event so that your never miss any golden nugget from the community.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a free trial?

You can access our free plans to understand the quality of our content. We do not have a free trial because our community is in a membership style.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you will be able to cancel your subscription, any time. No hard feelings but, we will be sad to see you go. Also, we will try to provide the best quality content so, you wouldn't neet to :)